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Bringing Light to Life: The Vision behind Emits LEDCompany


Once I discovered the benefits of LED Light Therapy, I was surprised that it had taken me until I was 40 to find out about this. LED Therapy is as old as I am. I then found out that a lot of products didn’t have the correct wavelengths and those that did were very expensive. I wanted to create a product that not only was the most effective, but also affordable; emit LEDS was created.




Our main ethos is Honesty, Integrity, Quality and Customer Focus

Eugene set up this company after realising the many benefits of Red Light Therapy, Near-Infrared Light Therapy, Blue Light Therapy and Green Light Therapy; LLLT – Low Level Laser (Light) Therapy. 

He originally started researching this subject after searching LED face masks for his wife as a gift. Soon he realised that there were other extensive health benefits to using Light therapy. 

During his research he was surprised to find that products could vary in price, from products that cost approximately £100 on Amazon, to high end professional products used in medical centres.

It appeared that whilst some models were more affordable, they did not contain the correct wave lengths required to penetrate to the right areas and lacked intensity. In fact some of the products available provided LEDs that were about as much use as sitting in front of Christmas tree lights!

He then found that the mid range products that had wonderful results were restricted to functionality and would need separate products to perform multiple functions.

The more expensive products were also very effective but cost in excess of £1000 which is unaffordable for many.

Eugene wanted to create a product that would have multiple functions, the required and adjustable intensity and he wanted it to be as affordable as possible.

This is when emit LEDS was created. 

We are a London based company that will ship worldwide. Free shipping offered within the UK. if you are interested, You can contact us. 

All Skin Types

Suitable and safe for all skin types. No UV or harmful wavelengths being used

Medical Grade LEDS

High quality LED Bulbs with the optimum wavelengths to ensure maximum results

Scientifically Proven

LED Light Therapy | Red Light Therapy has been used since the 1800’s.

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